Our latest Rate Breach alert saved one client $16,490 in one year.

Don't let your home loan break the bank.

RateTracker monitors your home loan interest rate every 30 days, so you know you're getting the best rate.

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What is ratetracker?

RateTracker is an interest rate tracking service, using technology to securely monitor and correct high interest rates on your behalf.

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RateTracker is an interest rate tracking service, using technology to securely monitor and correct high interest rates on your behalf.

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Rate Tracker has identified a “Rate Breach” on your loan account Smith Home Loan. 

You don’t have to do anything just yet, the customer care team are jumping on the phone to renegotiate with your bank for you. If we don’t have any luck, we’ll be in touch to discuss your options. We look forward to chatting again soon. 

The RateTracker Team"

Your home loan on autopilot.

We use real-time interest rate monitoring technology to review your loan every 30 days, notifying you if your rate goes above a set standard.

Comprehensive coverage.

We capture and compare data from the whole market – that means rates from hundreds of Australian banks.

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Secure technology.

We partner with your bank using Open Banking. This new technology allows us access to only your interest rate, all the rest of your personal data is secure. 

How it works.


Sync your loan data with our system.

Our secure process means connecting is easy to do and take just a few minutes.


Rates tracked every 30 days.

Your home loan review is on auto pilot; you'll be notified in the case of a Rate Breach.


We'll contact the bank on your behalf.

We do all the hard work for you, negotiating a better rate with your bank. Easy.

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is ratetracker secure?

RateTracker uses globally recognised technology to protect your data. Got more questions? Read the FAQs.

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5 star rating
Rate Tracker is an exceptional tool to keep lenders honest with their rates. Game changing disruptor here.
Leigh Moulden
5 star rating
I signed up for RateTracker early this year as part of settlement on a couple of home loans. I have managed to save over $4k on my annual interest repayments.
Marco B
5 star rating
Rate Tracker saved us $$$$ off our home loan. The process of changing banks was seamless, and without Rate Tracker would never had known this was an option.
Michael Colman
5 star rating
Rate tracker saved me from getting over charged on interest on all my home loans. Really adding up now. Highly recommend. Wouldn't get another loan without it!
Joshua Summers

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