Our latest Rate Breach alert saved one client $16,490 in one year.


Never been hacked. Ever.

We have partnered with Australian owned and operated Basiq to help us keep your data secure. Learn more about Basiq here.

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The security of your data is priority number one.

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What do you do with my information?

We only view what we need, in order to deliver our service to you. Your Interest Rate, Your Loan Balance and simple loan details to identify it’s yours.

Global Technology

Digital banking has seen the way consumers manage their money change significantly over the last 40 years. Services like RateTracker now attach seamlessly to other financial institutions, but not without rigorous security and privacy measures in place. 

We partner with Australian owned and operated Basiq to keep your data safe. Basiq work with some of Australia's most powerful FinTech companies and they focus their energy on servicing the Australian and New Zeland sectors. [1].

[1] Basiq provide data aggregation for over 146 Australian BANKING institutions and have over one million active monthly users. more about basiq in Australia.

Simply put, your data and details are protected with the same level of security and privacy that your bank provides to you.

Managing Your Data

The best thing about open banking, is that you can turn it on, and turn it off in about 3 clicks. It was built to be easy, and it was built for you to maintain control of your finances.

This information is always maintained and protected by Basiq. Rate Tracker works in a similar way to budgeting apps, or accounting software, where financial information is provided for bookkeeping or money management.

Open Banking allows you to share data with financial institutions, at your request, so you can find products to suit you.

Open Banking in Australia

"Open Banking" was designed to help Australians' compare their financial products like, utilities, loans and credit cards with other providers to see if better prices are available to them.

You essentially turbocharge your ability to search the market by allowing access to companies like ours to do the searching for you. It means we check your home loan once a month to see if it remains competitive. Who has time to review the market once a month?

That’s why we have put home loans on autopilot.

The overview:

  • We use bank grade 256-bit encryption to protect your information at all times.

  • Rate Tracker holds no past or current banking credentials on our system.

  • We only receive a live feed of the key details we need to offer the service to you

We answer more of your questions about security on the FAQs page.

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The Process
Step One

Click ‘Connect Now’ and Sign Up for Rate Tracker

Step Two

Connects to Basiq

Step Three

Provides secure Open Banking Portal

Step Four
Your Bank

Authorises the connection, feeds data to Basiq

Step Five

Receives information from Basiq

Step Six

Get notified if you can save

Connect to RateTracker.

Start tracking your interest rate today. It takes just a few minutes to connect.