Our latest Rate Breach alert saved one client $16,490 in one year.

The security of your data is priority number one.

RateTracker uses proven technology to protect your personal and financial data.

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We don't expect you to compromise on security. We partner with globally recognised company, Yodlee, to keep your data safe.

Global Technology

Digital banking has seen the way consumers manage their money change significantly over the last 40 years. Services like RateTracker now attach seamlessly to other financial institutions, but not without rigorous security and privacy measures in place. 

We partner with Yodlee to keep your data safe. Yodlee are the world’s leading financial data aggregation specialists for the financial services industry globally[1].

[1] Yodlee provide data aggregation for over 17,000 institutions and 35 million users worldwide. more about Yodlee in Australia.

Simply put, your data and details are protected with the same level of security and privacy that your bank provides to you.

Managing Your Data

When you authorise RateTracker to protect your mortgage rate, you simply agree to provide a 'token', which provides us with your interest rate and loan balance – nothing else. Your banking information is not stored with us.

This information is always maintained and protected by Yodlee. RateTracker works in a similar way to budgeting apps, or accounting software, where financial information is provided for bookkeeping or money management.

Open Banking allows you to share data with financial institutions, at your request, so you can find products to suit you.

Open Banking in Australia

Open Banking means that as a bank customer, you are able to request that your data be sent to other ACCC accredited businesses, like RateTracker, to help with setting up or signing up to new financial services. You have complete control over how your data is used.

The overview:

  • Your data is managed by global data aggregation specialist, Yodlee.

  • Uses bank grade 256-bit encryption to protect your information.

  • RateTracker hold no past or current banking data on our system.

  • We only receive a live feed of your interest rate and loan balance.

We answer more of your questions about security on the FAQs page.

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