A product for all Australians.

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Launched in Melbourne in 2021.

RATETRACKER was given its first breath after Anthony & Sean attended a conference on Open-Banking and realised that this technology can be used for more than just Budgeting apps and Telco Companies.

Owning one of Australia's most highly regarded mortgage broking firms, they understood how hard it was to manage thousands of existing clients interest rates.

Government Legislation changed for Open Banking in 2019. Ensuring that all banks must comply with their customers request to provide their product information to a competitor when asked to.

This paved the way for RATETRACKER to serve our community with automatic interest rate reviews in real time.

RATETRACKER is the first technology of it's kind in Australia. Based entirely in Melbourne, Australia, and all operations being within Australian borders.

This system was built out of frustration. Far too many customers are being overcharged on their home loans.

RATETRACKER changes this....

Our Founders

Anthony Alabakov


Sean Murphy


The RateTracker Story


The Conference

Anth and Sean Attended a salesforce conference in Sydney

Open Banking

We sat in an open banking presentation on budgeting apps – Open Banking was only 1 year old at the time in Aus.

We set up meeting with Yodlee and brainstormed the concept of RateTracker and they said it can work.


Completed First Prototype

This was clunky, buggy and needed more work


Hard Launch

Launched RateTracker V1.2 to My Mortgage Freedom Customers


Hit 500 Customers


Savings, Savings, Savings

Saved more than $233,000 in repricing savings in the first 12 months

Saved more than $1.29 million in refinance savings


A New Journey

We started the journey to become an authorised representative to migrate to Full Open Banking


Completed SOC 2 Type I Audit


Open Banking Online

Received our first full open banking data feeds


Public Launch

Public Launch to share with other enterprises and organisations