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RateTracker’s SOC2 Type II: What does this mean for RateTracker and you.

We’re extremely excited to announce that RateTracker has achieved a significant milestone in our commitment to data security – We’re now SOC 2 – Type II certified!

RateTracker’s SOC2 Type II: What does this mean for RateTracker and you.

Achieving this milestone was no easy feat – In fact, it took almost 12 months of commitment and strenuous mental energy from the crew behind RateTracker. But this only adds to our excitement to finally have this certification and the confidence that our systems are set up to take on the world…… well Australia anyway.

What is SOC Reporting?

Service Organisation Control (AKA SOC) reporting is the process of using globally established standards to report on the appropriateness and effectiveness of a service organisation’s internal controls AKA How we operate, as well as what processes we have in place that protect your data and ours.

Unlike most other optional reporting standards, SOC Certifications require an independent audit. For any organisation to claim a SOC accreditation, they need to go through the audit process to confirm it’s fairly presented and that controls are in place and designed effectively. We’d like to thank Assurance Lab for assisting us in facilitating this achievement!

SOC2 Type 2 (The badge RateTracker now proudly dons)– Raises the bar even higher, as the auditor needs to verify that we’ve put these controls into place, and that they’ve operated effectively over a period of time.

Why is SOC2 Type 2 Important?

Data security is no joke in today’s digital landscape- We’ve all seen the effects felt from data breaches that have occurred in recent years in Australia. Our SOC 2 Type 2 certification showcases our dedications to safeguarding your information, through implementing stringent controls and protocols within our business.

Your security is our number one priority.

How does it benefit you?

As someone who uses RateTracker, you can have the peace of mind that with our certified compliance, your data is protected by protocols that meet the highest industry standards.

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RateTracker 2.0 went live on it's new platform in late 2023.

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